PSE’s JUST Transportation portfolio vision is to connect, educate, and empower diverse stakeholders to establish balanced and accessible multi-modal transportation options for low-wealth and communities of color in the American South. This collective effort, driven by the JUST Transportation Circle and community hubs, moves beyond alleviating the byproducts of an imbalanced transportation system – bad traffic, bad air, imbalanced growth, etc.— towards working to change the heart of the matter:  in Metro Atlanta (and Georgia), these are racial attitudes of policymakers that are manifest  in public, social, and fiscal policy. Without moving this conversation on the racial healing front toward equitable solutions, we will continue to see state and local policymakers beat back the advances of the majority of low-wealth and community of color counties and others who support an expanded and comprehensive transit system in Metro Atlanta. As a framework to move this effort forward, the following guiding principles were established:

  • Increase transportation accessibility and pathways towards opportunity for all.
  • Ensure multiple modes of transportation and access to a diverse transit system.
  • Advocate for balanced, responsible growth, and transit-oriented development.
  • Minimize the imbalance in the areas of housing and jobs around transportation centers.


Just Transportation Guiding Principals

PSE continues to work with strategic partners to build out the JUST Transportation portfolio into a holistic approach to address equitable and accessible transportation in our region. PSE has received the support of several local, regional, and state policy makers, which will allow us to leverage this support to expand the program throughout Georgia. This summer, PSE is publishing Opportunity Deferred: The History of Race, Transportation and Access in Metro Atlanta, a document that elevates the historical and current barriers to balanced regional growth created by structural racism while providing best practices and recommendations that will lay the civic foundation for a regional transportation equity advocacy effort. The release of this white paper is just in time for the transportation referendum vote in November of this year, giving key leaders and policy makers access to increased information in equitable transit options and access.


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Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE) pushes for policies and actions that promote equity and shared prosperity in metropolitan Atlanta. Through forums, research, and organizing efforts, PSE brings together the regional community to lift up and encourage just, sustainable, and civic practices for balanced growth and opportunity.

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